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Grade: B Rating: R, 124 minutes In a Nutshell: World War II offers the perfect backdrop for a romantic spy adventure, featuring two good looking actors who fall in love. It has a cat and mouse, film Noir feel to it that makes it look old-fashioned and will remind you of some of the scenes from the classic movie Casablanca. Uplifting theme: Duty, love, honesty, patriotism, loyalty. Things I liked: Brad Pitt speaks French and looks cool in every scene. Marion Cotillard is mesmerizing as Marianne Beausejour. She really looks and sounds like she stepped out of the 1940's. She hits the big screen again in a couple of weeks in the movie "Assassin's Creed." The CGI blends really well with real-life shots. There is a funny scene when Brad Pitt shuffles playing cards. Marianne later says, “So, it’s in the cards for our chance to make history.” This is more romance than spy thriller. Things I didn’t like: It’s a bit slow moving. The last time Brad Pitt was in a spy movie, he got a divorce. Just sayin… There are a lot of subtitles, although sometimes French is spoken without subtitles so you have to guess at what is being said. According to the Duolingo app, I'm 11% fluent in French. So there's that. ha ha A guy throws up. Ick. Some scenes could have been trimmed a bit to be more effective. There could have been more spy stuff. Interesting lines: “Who are you thinking about?” – Max “My mother.” – scared soldier “Don’t. Think of your father. He’s proud of you.” – Max Funny lines: “Salute me, first!” - George “Go to hell.” - Max Vatan This IS hell. It’s an office.” – George Tips for parents: You see the side of a naked Marion Cotillard and Brad Pitt’s rear end. A lot of F-bombs. It’s starts to get hot and heavy in a car, as well as in a bed. There are a lot of subtitles to read. Lesbians kiss. Shooting, violence, suicide.
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