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ages 12+ | Worth Your Time

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Harriet’s parents don’t understand her obsession with spying and writing, but her nanny (Rosie O’Donnell) does. Her parents even send Harriet to a psychiatrist for testing, but he finds she is normal and suggests she be allowed to pursue her interests. In fact, the message of the film is that people should be free to pursue their own unique interests, talents and personalities. Although Harriet angers her friends with demeaning comments about them in her notebook, she has the courage to apologize to them and they eventually forgive her. It is disappointing that the film’s dialogue includes a moderately crude expression and several obscenities, although no f- or s-words. Also, one girl makes some supposedly comical comments about her girlfriend spending all summer growing breasts. HARRIET THE SPY has many commendable elements, but we cannot approve of young actors using several obscenities and some crude and suggestive remarks in a film targeted for preteens.
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