Pluggedin's Review of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter

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The sixth pulpy entry in this based-on-a-videogame film franchise does exactly what many would expect of it: It erupts on the screen with a good 70 minutes of shaky-camera, slash-blast-crisp-and-gush destruction. And then, as the ticking clock winds down, it spills out all its Final Chapter secrets—plot splinters designed to stich this installment and its five predecessors into some kind of semi-coherent, gore-smeared whole. The only secret it doesn't divulge in the final limb-lopping, flesh-mulching half hour is how star Milla Jovovich can still look almost exactly the same as she did when she pureed her first mutated zombies some 15 years ago. Maybe zombie guts are really good for the skin. Can't say this pic is much good for anything else, though. If you're looking for character development or compelling acting or anything other than a cinematic bucket of zombie chum chucked into your face, you've come to the wrong place.
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