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Gold, like its protagonists, gets a little lost. There's a story here somewhere. But the makers don't know where to dig. Is Kenny a hero? A dreamer? A shyster? All of the above? Is this a Robin Hood yarn or a cautionary tale? Are we supposed to root for him to strike it rich as he struggles against his deep-pocketed adversaries? Or are we supposed to root for him to come to his senses as his girlfriend suggests, then settle into a quiet, rewarding life doing something else? Something real, as Kay might say. This movie never seems sure which story it wants to tell. And its lack of focus doesn't feel so much like artsy ambiguity as it does lazy uncertainty. That, and the vein of problematic content we strike here, leaves us little place to dig. If this film wanted to make a salient point about the value of hard work or the perils of greed, that'd give us at least something to work with. But Gold's core reveals little of value, just a bunch of dirt salted with language, alcohol and sensuality.
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