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ages 12+ | Worth Your Time

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“A Dog’s Purpose” is a delightful movie! It is fun-filled, and it induces laughs, based on the behavior of dogs which dog owners and lovers will appreciate. There are four stories that are shared, and they are ultimately connected. The idea of “dog reincarnation” is used as a plot device, done so in the spirit of imagination, as the movie features a dog that speaks to the audience and in which we can hear his thoughts. He is first born as “Bailey,” and when he meets his human Ethan, he says, “I am going to really like this boy!” They play together, and Bailey learns to perform a few tricks for Ethan. Although Ethan’s dad is reluctant to let Ethan keep Bailey at first, Ethan’s mom squares it with Dad, and Bailey becomes an official member of the family. Dad is a traveling salesman, the top performer at his job, and although he would prefer to be at home more with his family, his company unfortunately wants him to continue traveling. This leads at times to Dad drinking and to having a few arguments with Mom.
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