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No matter what your feelings are about dogs (or reincarnation), don’t expect to view this film without shedding a few tears. The repeating emotional roller coaster of cute puppy, followed by life’s challenges and impending death leaves you feeling like you’ve watched four tearjerkers in one package. Young children, who will undoubtedly be attracted to this movie’s irresistible advertising, will be even more needy for a parent’s comfort. Unlike many other PG movies that are animated, the reality of the characters and events in this live-action production magnify the drama to a greater degree that may prove more frightening than expected for little ones. The depictions of unkind treatment of animals, a dog with a gunshot wound (that includes some blood effects), a child abductor, a cruel arson prank, domestic squabbles and characters struggling with addictions, all work to create frequent peril for humans and canines.
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