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Although things get off to a slow start, they do eventually get cooking. And as his achievements grow, so does Ray’s ego. Soon he is taking credit for ideas that aren’t his own and overstepping the limits of his contract with Dick and Mac. As legal issues ensue, Ray’s appetite for success becomes so ravenous that he is willing to devour anyone or anything that stands in his way. While the corrupting power of greed is not a new theme in Hollywood movies, this one has the virtue of being based on a true story. Where the script fails however is in presenting a gradual chain of events showing Ray’s evolving motives. Instead, his change-of-face feels abrupt, and in turn makes this account seem too contrived to be real. Numerous profanities, a sexual expletive and finger gesture, along with frequent drinking and marital unfaithfulness are other reasons why this film may be a disappointment for family viewers.
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