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Fixing Batman’s narcissistic is tendencies the primary target of this film’s moral objective. His ego gets in the way of forming sincere relationships, as well as accepting help from others. These characteristics will be challenged after he falls in love with the new police commissioner (voice of Rosario Dawson), unwittingly agrees to adopt an obsessively admiring boy (voice of Michael Cera), and listens to his butler Alfred’s (voice of Ralph Fiennes) fatherly counsel. Themes of teamwork may also be a little confusing to children when possible allies include a legion of criminals who aren’t quite as bad as the really, really bad dudes that align with The Joker. Yes, this isn’t the only movie on screens with fifty shades of grey, and parents should be prepared to discuss the good and bad traits that exist in all of us. Although sight gags, like young Robin pulling his pants off, will keep kids amused, most of the humor here comes from sarcastic cultural references, decades of Batman depictions and other iconic characters. Parents and older teens will likely find plenty to laugh at, but you might want to leave the littlest ones at home.
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