Pluggedin's Review of the LEGO Batman Movie

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For all its comedic send-ups of Batman—and there are a lot of them—The LEGO Batman Movie delivers a surprisingly tender, significant message: No one can make it alone. Not even Batman. The foundation of the latest LEGOized take on a pop-culture icon is solid. It emphasizes friendship, family, courage, sacrifice, being honest about fear and admitting we need others. There's even a positive shout-out for foster parents who've chosen to love and care for orphaned children. Bravo, LEGO Batman! I loved all of that. As a parent, what I was slightly less crazy about was the amount of bathroom humor that slushes around as well as some cultural references that, while funny, don't belong in a kids movie. And I definitely could have done without the double entendre reference to Robin's given name, the only face-palming gag I felt was really over the line here. A tiny bit more restraint could have made this a movie I'd wholeheartedly recommend. As it is, it's pretty good, but not perfect; heroic, but a bit edgy. Kind of like Batman himself.
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