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This remake of a 1979 film of the same name is a frustrating endeavor. There's lots to like. And lots not to like. On the positive side of the ledger, the relationship these three struggling and desperate old codgers have with each other (and with their families) is truly sweet. The chemistry between acting icons Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin feels genuine. They obviously had a good time making the film, and they invite audiences into the same feel-good vibe. If only there weren't so many things that work against that positive vibe. It's a pretty long litany of things that are less admirable here: Albert's sexual relationship with Annie; Joe and Willie's pot use; everyone's use of a profanity. Then there's the central conceit of the film itself: three old guys robbing a bank. It's silly and preposterous, of course. And we're not really meant to overthink the morality of it. After all, the film wants us to believe, these old guys have been wronged and they're just trying to right that wrong. Never mind if their strategy is also wrong, the film wants to say. But even if Going In Style is intended to be a whimsical farce, it still plants a troubling seed: that successfully robbing a bank is possible, survivable and maybe even justifiable.
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