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Life in a Day Life in a Day

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Life in a Day

ages 11+ | 100 % Say It's Worth Your Time

Filmmakers from around the world chronicle life for future generations.

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Genre: Documentary

Director: Kevin Macdonald

Producer: Ridley Scott, Tony Scott, Liza Marshall

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  • (Male) Deseret News Critic

    ages 11+ | Worth Your Time

    Whether you like documentaries or not, this is a must-watch film. The concept is pretty simple: people from all over the world were invited to film something on a specific day (July 24, 2010) and submit it via YouTube where it would then be edited together into a feature-length film -- basically a time capsule showing what it meant to be alive on that one day. The result, though, is impossible to describe adequately. Like its subjects, "Life in a Day" runs the gamut of human experiences and emotions, showing all the highs and lows and everything in between. Fantastic filmmaking.


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