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The Wolverine

ages 15+ | 68% Say It's Worth Your Time

Lured to a Japan he hasn't seen since World War II, century-old mutant Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) finds himself in a shadowy realm of yakuza and samurai. Wolverine is pushed to his physical and emotional brink when he is forced to go on the run with a powerful industrialist's daughter (Tao Okamoto) and is confronted -- for the first time -- with the prospect of death. As he struggles to rediscover the hero within himself, he must grapple with powerful foes and the ghosts of his own haunted past.

Runtime: 2 hr 6 min

Director: James Mangold

Cast: Will Lee, Hugh Jackman

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Rated PG-13 Language|Intense Sci-Fi Action|Some Sexuality|Violence

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  • megan.m.woodland (Female)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    I liked this movie. It was entertaining and kept me involved throughout. There were a lot of fight scenes (obviously, it's Wolverine), but I didn't feel like the fighting was overdone and I didn't see a lot of gore, although knew it was happening.
    A heads up for parents, there was one use of the 'f' word that could have been left out, but wasn't.
    Overall I really enjoyed this movie and would probably watch it again, but wouldn't recommend it to a younger crowd.

    July 29th, 2013 · Details
    3 Thanks ·
  • Ken (Male)

    ages 15+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Honestly, superhero movies are starting to get old for me ... it seems like there's 3-4 of them every single year. The genre seems a little bit played out.

    Even as probably the most character-developed superhero of all of those currently in movies, this Wolverine story seems cliche, static, and 'done before' - even within his own storyline. There are some interesting moments, but not enough to say that this movie blew me away, or honestly even kept me interested all the way through.

    Content-wise, be aware that Wolverine is a more 'gritty' superhero than the others, and you do see blades ( both claws and swords ) sticking through people's bodies. Even if there isn't blood, the message is pretty clear. There are some curse words, and there is the standard inference of sexual activity on the first night the hero and his love interest meet. Overall, because it is an inherently violent film, I'm going to rate it for a mid-teen range.

    August 1st, 2013 · Details
    2 Thanks ·
  • Dave (Male)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    When I heard that they were planning on making a movie based off of Frank Miller's masterpiece, Wolverine, I was very excited. But the movie was just ok, not that exciting. There were some great scenes but there other scenes that just lacked. It was very predictable but most superhero movies are. As a comic fan, this is one of those movies you see once and just enjoy the ride. ***PARENTS*** People in the movie actually get killed. It's not like in other Superhero movies where the baddies just get knocked out.

    August 1st, 2013 · Details
    2 Thanks ·
  • sam.mcconkie (Male)

    ages 15+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Muddled, inconsistent X-men spinoff a great idea that suffers from poor execution and uninspired acting. Very underwhelming and forgettable.

    November 13th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • jeremymacey (Male)

    ages 15+ | Not Worth Your Time

    I almost completely agree with Bob on this one. From the moment the movie started until it finished, I felt like I had seen this movie before. I had a hard time feeling any sort of compassion for Wolverine in this film, and largely it didn't help me to better understand anything about his character. There are several pretty impressive action scenes, but they do not redeem the lack of a morale to the story. Overall, I felt like the best scene of the whole movie came in the credits, and thats sad. For parents, the film does have some profanity (including a ridiculously unnecessary F bomb), and quite a lot of violence, some of which is a bit graphic. In my opinion its an average film at best, and unless you are a huge Wolverine fan or really bored, don't bother.

    August 7th, 2013 · Details
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  • Rob (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Although, visually, the fight scenes are not gory, there are many of them and the sound effects are very detailed. I would consider this to be a very violent movie, especially for kids.

    It's also very forgettable.

    August 5th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • Bob (Male)

    ages 14+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Although I really enjoy Wolverine as a character and I think Hugh Jackman has always done a phenomenal job in his role, this film just didn't do it for me. There is one noticeable f-bomb and several other curse words. I think a mature teenager could handle those things, but the violence is unrealistic to an extent and over the top at times. The movie is highly entertaining but it's the same stuff we've been seeing for years. SPOILER PLOT: Develop a plan to humanize the individual with super powers and watch as the superhero prevails in the end. We've seen this same thing in so many movies that this time is just got old.

    August 1st, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • SupermanUnlimited (Male)

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    I just got done watching The Wolverine: Extended Unrated Cut. There were some added things that made the movie a little bit more enjoyable. Then they added blood, lots and LOTS of blood. This "unrated" version is definitely worthy of an R.

    If you have the chance to watch the extended cut, it's good! Just get ready to fast forward during the middle of the ambush scene with all the ninja's near the end of the movie. Wolverine's new side-kick was added to the ambush scene. She finds a Yellow, industrial Salt Lake County-sized driving snow blower, with rotating blades. When she sucks up the first ninja, she sprays blood everywhere--in ridiculous amounts, to the degree you'd think Quentin Tarantino directed this cut scene.

    And to top things off, she doesn't suck up 1 ninja, oh no... she sucks up 3 ninja's and sprays blood all over that poor little village. This is in the middle of that ambush scene. Yeah you can fast forward right through that piece of ridiculousness, until Wolverine blows up the snow blower.

    Over all, you really miss nothing by not watching the extended cut. It is definitely the extra stabby version.

    December 27th, 2013 · Details
  • Clearplay

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    This follow up to X-Men Origins: Wolverine is an improvement over that film, offering tense action scenes and an engaging group of characters. The Wolverine takes a more serious, gritty approach to the hero and is bit too somber at times, but superhero fans and Wolverine aficionados will find something to like in The Wolverine... See Full Review

    December 17th, 2013 · Details
  • elhenzo (Male)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    Pretty violent, but still good.

    November 23rd, 2013 · Details
  • travlucas (Male)

    ages 14+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Mega thumbs down. I really wanted to like this but my mind would not let me do so.

    November 6th, 2013 · Details
  • v0rtex (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    I'm pretty easy to please when it comes to most movies. I'm not as picky about plot or character development as a lot of people I know. I know some would complain that this movie was not very exciting but I still enjoyed it a lot.

    I liked that the the idea of predicting the future was explored. One question people might ask is whether knowing the future will change it's outcome or whether it is destined to occur regardless of what you know. I have always thought that one's destiny is not fixed and this movie portrays that in an elegant way.

    Hugh Jackman does a good job portraying Wolverine. I really liked being able to understand more about his character and his past experiences. He's been around awhile and with his history people and events from his past are bound to catch up to him.

    August 28th, 2013 · Details
  • linkyarmer (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    This film tried very hard to distance itself from XMen Origins: Wolverine, and did a good job with that. It focussed more on the actions and consequences of what Logan did at the end of X-Men: Last Stand.

    Logan is off hiding and has vowed to not be the Wolverine any longer to save from hurting anyone else and thereby himself as well.

    That all changes when he's brought to Japan to be thanked by someone from his (long ago) past.

    From then on the pace picks up and the action is mostly nonstop. We see the Wolverine go into full-on berserker mode against some of the most powerful and interesting adversaries he's seen on film yet.

    I still find that this film could have been better, it would have been nice to see at least a couple more familiar faces in it.

    There is a mid-credits teaser scene that is almost worth the price of a matinee admission. After that scene you're free to go to the little girls or boy room and drain your bladder.

    See you next year for the review of X-Men: Days of Future Past!

    August 17th, 2013 · Details
  • (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    It was interesting from me more because of historic and cultural parts of the picture

    August 9th, 2013 · Details
  • DougWright KSL Critic

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    The Wolverine" is riddled with loose ends that perhaps aren't as puzzling for those who are really up-to-speed on the comic book storylines. The introductory moments of the film set in Nagasaki left me with questions and the shadowy intricacies of the family dynamics in Japan are truly puzzling. But the good news is these disconnects don't ruin the movie; the characters are compelling and what you do come to understand about the story and the players will hook you... See Full Review

    August 8th, 2013 · Details
  • SteveSalles (Male) Standard Examiner

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    Only a closing-credits moment helps you forget what you’ve just witnessed. They’re hoping it’s enough to get you to come back. I’m betting it will... See Full Review

    August 7th, 2013 · Details
  • ParentsTelevisionCouncil Parents Television Council

    ages 16+ | Not Worth Your Time

    nlike 2013’s other super-hero movies Man of Steel and Iron Man 3, The Wolverine has a complex and intelligent plot, genuine character development and depth, and superior acting, making it worthwhile for adult fans of the genre; but due to its graphic language and violence, the Parents Television Council does not recommend this movie for viewers under age 16... See Full Review

    August 7th, 2013 · Details
  • ParentPreviews

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    Overall it feels darker and more violent than other X-Men episodes. Jackman also gets to boldly use the token sexual expletive in this film (is this expected after his cameo in X-Men: First Class?), along with a few other profanities... See Full Review

    August 7th, 2013 · Details
  • JohnMulderig (Male) Catholic News Service

    Mature 18+ | Worth Your Time

    Does the idea of a giant suit of samurai armor made out of an indestructible -- but, alas, fictional -- alloy called adamantium strike you as the coolest thing ever? If so, then the macho superhero adventure "The Wolverine" (Fox) might just be the movie for you... See Full Review

    August 7th, 2013 · Details
  • MichaelMedved (Male) Michael Medved Show

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    I was fairly sure I would be both bored and annoyed by yet another Marvel Comics recred of familiar material. But the Wolverine is surprisingly strong, even fresh and emotionally rich at some points... See Full Review

    August 6th, 2013 · Details
  • ClaudiaPuig (Female) USA TODAY

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    Though Wolverine is well-crafted visually by director James Mangold, who evokes a moody atmosphere, there are few surprises, and the movie descends into formula... See Full Review

    August 5th, 2013 · Details
  • randybgunn

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    This is a great movie! It is a great addition to the Wolverine story and had a twist that I really wasn't expecting. It is full of action and is a fast moving show. Go see it!

    August 2nd, 2013 · Details
  • MovieReviewMaven (Female)

    ages 10+ | Worth Your Time

    Movie Review Maven grades it: A-

    Don’t you just love Hugh Jackman? He’s like an action figure that can sing and dance. The Wolverine is a journey into one of X-Men’s most conflicted and developed characters on screen. If you love Wolverine, you’re going to love this movie. If you’re not familiar with the famous steel-taloned superhero from the comic books, you’ll still be entertained.

    Within the first ten minutes of the show, the audience is treated with some background story, amazing CGI of the blast at Nagasaki and a close-up view of how a superhero recovers from atomic burns. Wolverine saves a young Japanese soldier from the bomb, who later wants to repay his kindness before dying as an old man…a rich old man. Most of the film takes place in Japan, combining ancient Japanese tradition with the ageless history of Wolverine.

    For the ladies, Hugh Jackman is often topless, revealing an impressively sculpted body and evidence of a hard-working actor. Movie critic Roger Ebert calls him a “metal-clawed mountain of muscle.” For the guys, Jackman shows off some cool action moves and quick fighting sequences, enough to match skills with the most awesome of ninjas. And yes, there ARE ninjas in the movie. Who doesn’t like a good ninja? Well, unfortunately, the ones in this movie are all bad.

    The Wolverine battles with lots of bad guys in this movie, as well as himself, as he decides what is worth living for in his immortal life or what is worth dying for. Logan must decide whether or not to accept the gift of mortality from his old friend, Kenuichio Harada who is now a billionaire and head of a technology company that can help the Wolverine get the thing he wants most: death.

    Hugh Jackman and director James Mangold worked together before in Kate & Leopold. The writers provide Logan with lots of flashbacks and moments to reflect, sometimes making you want to yell at the screen “Just snap out of it already and be awesome!”

    Rila Fukushima plays Yukio, a young Manga-inspired body-guard, complete with red hair, rockin black boots, and admirable loyalty. Tao Okamoto plays Mariko, the grand-daughter of Harada and heir to his fortune. While Wolverine struggles with guilt from his lost love, Jean, he carefully falls for Mariko and is sworn to protect her.

    Russian actress Svetlana Khodchenkova plays Viper, a mutant doctor who wears ridiculously sexy outfits to hold the audience’s attention, yet doesn’t have much depth to her character. Maybe in a sequel we’ll learn more about her? While she gets lots of cute fashion ensembles, Wolverine is either topless or sports a wife-beater t-shirt a la Bruce Willis in the Die Hard movies. I like the way his hair tweaks out on the sides to make him look like the comic book figure.

    The bath tub scene is pretty cute where some female Japanese servants help transform the scruffy Logan from a cave man who hangs out in the wilderness into a clean superhero. Another funny scene is when the Minister of Justice gets thrown out of a window wearing red underwear.

    The impressive fight scene atop a bullet train in Japan makes the recent Lone Ranger train scenes pale in comparison. Unfortunately, the ending was a bit cheesy, as well as a few lame lines like when Wolverine says “Don’t hit my friends” or when he answers the question “What kind of monster are you?” with “The Wolverine.” Since I’m a mom of 4 boys, I hate it when the hero has to drop F-bombs to make an impact, like when he says “Go F___ yourself, Pretty Boy.” Yeah, the audience laughed, but surely the writers could have come up with something more witty and appropriate for young boys everywhere to mimic for weeks after watching the film.

    The end of the movie presents a Pacific Rim Samurai version of a robot that is kind of cool. A line often repeated by Rila Fukushima in the movie describes it well….”interesting.” Hamada calls Logan a “ronin”, a Samurai without a master. Interestingly, before the movie began a trailer played for an upcoming movie entitled “47 Ronin” which should offer some impressive fight scenes that even the Wolverine would want to join in on.

    PG-13, 120 minutes.

    July 27th, 2013 · Details
  • RogerMoore (Male) Movie Nation

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    This “Wolverine” gets our hopes up, and falls short. If you’re the sort who stays through the credits and swoons over whatever variation on the “Nobody ever dies in Marvelland” the tease for the next film promises, this is for you. For anybody more demanding, even of a summer comic book movie, “The Wolverine” will leave you wanting the higher-minded movie this one promised to be — for a while... See Full Review

    July 26th, 2013 · Details
  • NellMinow (Female) Movie Mom

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    A superhero movie has to have three things: a reason to care about the characters, sensational action scenes, and a really interesting villain. I’d give this movie one out of three. There are some great action scenes, particularly a fight on top of the 300-mile-an-hour bullet train that is a wonder of split-second timing. And Fukushima is a quick, inventive, and graceful combatant... See Full Review

    July 26th, 2013 · Details
  • MovieGuide

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    THE WOLVERINE tries to show a deeper, darker, more emotional side to Logan. Sadly, the filmmakers fail to do this on almost every level. THE WOLVERINE lacks substance and values, and the characters are weak and uninspiring... See Full Review

    July 25th, 2013 · Details

Okfor ages12+