Fast & Furious 6 Fast & Furious 6

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Fast & Furious 6

ages 14+ | 84% Say It's Worth Your Time

Since Dom (Vin Diesel) and Brian's (Paul Walker) heist in Rio left them and their crew very rich people, they've scattered across the globe; however, they must still live as fugitives, unable to return home to their families. Meanwhile, Agent Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) has been tracking a gang of lethally skilled mercenary drivers whose second-in-command is someone Dom knows. Unable to take them down himself, Hobbs asks Dom and his crew for help in exchange for full pardons for everyone.

Runtime: 2 hr 10 min

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  • smoman (Male) Deseret News Critic

    ages 15+ | Not Worth Your Time

    BOOM! Bang! Squeal of Tires! That is about it for this film. Oh I forgot the sound of gunshots abound as well. Plus no one can stay in their vehicle they must jump from it in order to save the day. And yes #7 is on the way. More BOOM! These films must be easy to write.

    June 14th, 2013 · Details
    2 Thanks ·
  • jimy.oliver (Male)

    Mature 18+ |

    Cool film, i love cars and i like these actors.

    June 18th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • fur0n (Male)

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    I thought this was a good movie over all. one of the cool parts is the tank busting out of the convoy and reeking havoc for the next mile or so. The characters are just as good as ever. There is one scene that would be questionable for little kids to be watching. At the end of the movie they leave it off indicating there would be a seventh movie on the way. They do a recap at the beginning of the movie of the past five in order to sum up what brought then to the point this movie picks up on. In the end I thought it was worth my time to see this movie.

    May 25th, 2013 · Details
    1 Thank ·
  • jenny1972 (Female)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time


    July 6th, 2013 · Details
  • flygirl88 (Female)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time


    July 6th, 2013 · Details
  • linkyarmer (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    A fast-paced action-pack thrill ride. This movie delivers as a summer movie to see, as it has over-the-top stunts including cars, planes and squirrel-flying (nearly-super)humans. If you're more than mildly interested in seeing this, you probably already have a good idea of what you are in for. It keeps to it's predecessors with mild sexuality, intense car chase/fight sequences and good old-fashioned fisticuffs fighting as well. With big names (with big muscles) like Dwane Johnson and Vin Diesel add to an already stellar supporting cast that includes F&F regulars such as Paul Walker, Ludacris, Tyrese Gibson, Michelle Rodriguez, Jordana Brewster and Sung Kang.

    It's nearly impossible to fall asleep during this film, the same goes for finding a good time to drain your bladder, as the pacing is just great.

    To summarize, if you like fast cars, fist fights and stunts that happen around both of the first two, you're sure to enjoy this film.

    June 13th, 2013 · Details
  • ShoeGirl (Female)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    LOVED it!

    June 10th, 2013 · Details
  • pinkieturtle (Female)

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    Loved the movie. The action and family sense in the movie was amazing.

    June 10th, 2013 · Details
  • elhenzo (Male)

    ages 12+ | Worth Your Time

    Great movie!

    May 24th, 2013 · Details

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    With each subsequent entry into the blockbuster series, the plot has further loosened its grip on reality - and Fast and Furious 6's further leap into the absurd was not unexpected. And, seriously, as long as the action scenes deliver the thrills, that's all we can ask of any F&F film at this point... See Full Review

    May 24th, 2013 · Details
  • MovieGuide

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    FAST & FURIOUS 6 is another action-packed popcorn movie in one of the few movie franchises that’s gotten better with age... See Full Review

    May 23rd, 2013 · Details
  • ParentPreviews

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    ...while the morals in this script are all wrong, the film unfortunately does a brilliant job of selling irresponsibility and high-octane action. Although the dialogue often lacks any substance, the movie’s pacing and spectacular stunts will keep audiences engaged—even if the laws of physics and common sense are completely ignored for the sake of the story... See Full Review

    May 23rd, 2013 · Details
  • NellMinow (Female) Movie Mom

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    There is so much going on at the same time that it gets a little confusing, but you can’t miss the wow moments . There are even a couple of OMGs and a did-I-just-see-that or two. The one thing about which there will be no suspense is who they’ll be facing in #7 — just stick around for the credits... See Full Review

    May 23rd, 2013 · Details
  • RogerMoore (Male) Movie Nation

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    ad movies are rarely as much fun as these “Fast and the Furious” pictures. And make no mistake about it — they’re bad... See Full Review

    May 23rd, 2013 · Details
  • ClaudiaPuig (Female) USA TODAY

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    This sequel features lap after lap of destruction, fighting and cliche... See Full Review

    May 23rd, 2013 · Details

Okfor ages12+