Insidious: Chapter 2 Insidious: Chapter 2

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Insidious: Chapter 2

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Soon after their showdown with evil spirits that possessed their son, the Lamberts, Renai (Rose Byrne) and Josh (Patrick Wilson), are ready for their lives to return to normal. However, something still is seriously off, especially with Josh, who -- unbeknown to Renai -- is possessed too. In order to free Josh's soul and finally defeat the malevolent forces around them, Lorraine Lambert (Barbara Hershey) and her ghost-hunting friends investigate the past to save her family's future.

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Genre: Horror , Thriller

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  • (Male)

    ages 13+ | Not Worth Your Time

    I like the first Insidious for the most part and was curious to see where they would take this one so I saw it. That was a big mistake. There is some clever writing in the film that ties it to the first one but this one really lacks in the scary department. I think James Wan, the director, did what he could with the film but it just wasn't overall good. There were a few jumpy parts but if you hated the last half hour of the the first film, as I did, than you won't like this one. James Wan, who is in my opinion one of the best horror directors out there, said that he is done with that genre and I think this film is why.
    There is violence and a little profanity in this film that merit it the PG-13 rating.

  • (Male)

    ages 13+ | Worth Your Time

    Amazing! Ties in with the first film miraculously.. A must see.

  • (Male)

    ages 15+ | Not Worth Your Time

    I did not enjoy this movie at all. It had a few sketchy parts in the film but was mostly pretty boring. I liked the first one more because of the jump scares and it felt more entertaining. This one felt like they wanted to add more to the plot, which is a good thing, but they did not do a very good job of doing I think. There were certain parts of the story that felt like they needed more detail. Was definitely not worth 9$. I would wait for it to come to the dollar theater or Redbox if you are planning on watching it.

  • (Male) Catholic News Service

    Mature 18+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Once again into The Further we go for "Insidious: Chapter 2," although we learn not much more about that astral plane than we did in the 2011 first installment of this fright series... See Full Review


    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    The movie deserves credit for turning some everyday objects into spooky devices, like a tin can telephone that becomes a conduit for a rude awakening during a child’s sleep. But the involvement of children in this story will almost certainly make this a nightmare generator for young audiences. For older teens and adults, there’s little here of artistic or moral value to make the film worth your time... See Full Review

  • (Male) Deseret News Critic

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    If you enjoyed the first "Insidious," "Chapter 2" is almost necessary viewing. It picks up immediately after the events of the original movie as the Lambert family continues to deal with malignant spirits from the terribly named land of the dead, the Further. This time, Wan and Whannell flit back and forth between the present and the 1980s, exploring Josh's (Patrick Wilson) own childhood history of astral projection.

    Overall, the film is not as cohesive as either of Wan's last two horror outings (the first "Insidious" and this summer's breakout hit, "The Conjuring"), but it's still a fun ride -- albeit one that goes off rails towards the end when a couple new ingredients are thrown into the already murky paranormal stew. Still, it's rare for a sequel to be so closely tied to its predecessor. Given some of the ways story elements from the first film are revisited and re-contextualized here, fans of the original would be missing out on quite a bit to skip the second part to Wan's homage to old-school ghost movies.

    Like the first installment, "Insidious Chapter 2" is light on content, but it's probably too spooky for a lot of younger viewers despite the PG-13 rating. Besides that, although only dealt with tangentially, the plot touches on some extremely grim elements relating to the hostile spirits that ought to push things closer to an R rating.

  • (Male) Standard Examiner

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    Although “Insidious” had built up a nice head of suspense for much of the film, its final act was absurdly out of proportion to the delicious sense of dread that had been created by director James Wan and writer Leigh Whannell, who, since collaborating on the 2004 “Saw,” have made a name for themselves as horror auteurs.

    Here, they try to outdo what they did in “Insidious,” piling on plot twists borrowed from a host of other movies that, while in some cases are genuinely creepy, turn “Chapter 2” into a bustling, overly busy mess... See Full Review


    ages 13+ | Not Worth Your Time

    The performances are the best part in INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2. Patrick Wilson does a good job playing both the possessed Josh and the heroic Josh trying to return to his family. It’s the story and plot that lack cohesion and entertainment value. Also, despite strong moral elements, the occult content is too strong. Therefore, INSIDIOUS: CHAPTER 2 is unacceptable viewing, though not abhorrent... See Full Review

  • (Male) Movie Nation

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    “Chapter 2″ isn’t as clever as the screenwriters seems to think, and the movie isn’t remotely as scary as the film it is sequelling. But that’s not to say that it isn’t entertaining, on some level, even if you can tell the “name” actors are waiting for the checks to clear, ready to hand off this “franchise” to lesser lights, and the sooner the better... See Full Review

  • (Female) USA TODAY

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    ... despite its endless string of clichés, Insidious 2 is convoluted, illogical and unintentionally, stupidly funny... See Full Review

Okfor ages12+