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Lone Survivor

>Mature 17+ | 92 % Say It's Worth Your Time

In 2005 Afghanistan, Navy SEALs Marcus Luttrell (Mark Wahlberg), Michael Murphy (Taylor Kitsch), Danny Dietz (Emile Hirsch) and Matthew "Axe" Axelson (Ben Foster) deploy on a mission of surveillance and to take out Taliban leader Ahmad Shah. Though spotted by goatherds, Luttrell and his team decide not to kill them. But one of the Afghans alerts a group of Taliban fighters to the invaders, and a terrible battle ensues, in which the SEALs find themselves hopelessly outnumbered and outgunned.

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Genre: Action , Historical drama , War

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  • (Male)

    Mature 18+ | Worth Your Time

    As a true story about a SEAL recon mission that goes wrong, Lone Survivor will feel familiar in treatment to Black Hawk Down. It is an intensely engaging film that does a good job of telling the story and exposing for us a small taste of what members of our military sacrifice for us every day. Nothing is glorified, nor is anything demonized. The story is told simply as it is and how it happened ( at least from the eyes of Marcus Luttrell, the lone survivor of the mission ).

    I would hope that the very nature of this show would indicate that it is not a kid-friendly friday night out at the movies type film. For those who appreciate military movies, Lone Survivor is a must see. However, I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 18 due to blood, violence, profanity, and crass conversation.

    2 Thanks ·
  • (Female)

    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Powerful, raw, emotional, shocking. A wonderful, yet frightening movie. Especially sad considering it is a true story.

    1 Thank ·
  • clearplay.com

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    There is a great montage at the beginning of Lone Survivor about what it takes to be a Navy Seal. Unfortunately, this is also the shortcoming of the movie, because part of the Seal training has to do with putting your identity second and the team first. Although Lone Survivor has strong action scenes, most of the Seals in the film are interchangeable. Some characters are more fully developed halfway through, but by then we’re just mad there are so many bad guys. But stick with it, because there are still plenty of emotional payoffs... See Full Review

  • (Male)

    Mature 17+ |

    This is one of the best military movies I have ever seen. It is very realistic and is not suitable for children or even teenagers. This movie is based on a real story of a SEAL team as they go out on a mission. I can not imagine being in their shoes during the whole thing. These guys are some of the toughest men I have ever seen. That being said you can expect lots of swearing, killing, blood, guts, shock, etc...

    I dont cry often in movies but this one at the very end really got to me when it shows the pictures of the actual soldiers and the actual experience. It really made me appreciate what some of these men do for their country and others. This is a movie that i will own.

  • (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    These kind of shows are what I will want my kids to see to help them understand more about what our soldiers do for us. When time is appropriate of course. This intensely raw movie is powerful. I caught myself stiff shoulders back and jaw dropped, not knowing how long I had been in that position. Not because I was offended, but because I was enveloped. God Bless Our Troops. Tons of language, but thats the nature of the beast. Still a must see.

  • (Male)

    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Loved Lone Survivor-enjoyed the action!

  • (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Lots of swearing, but gives a realistic view of war with the Taliban.

  • (Male)

    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Great movie. They did a good job not romantacising war and a good job showing how hard it was for Marcus Luttrell. There are parts where it doesnt follow the book as well but from a book to a movie this is the best job I have seen. and if Marcus Luttrell said its good enough not much I can say against it

  • kidstvmovies.about.com

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Lone Survivor earned the top spot on my list of the Best Action Movies of 2013, a title it absolutely deserved... See Full Review

  • (Male) Standard Examiner

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Well, due to the extraordinary efforts of director Peter Berg to get this film right in every detail, we, too, are given the opportunity to love and appreciate our dedicated men and women in uniform all the more. This is nothing close to an easy watch, but seeing it will remind us of the sacrifices being made on our behalf, half a world away... See Full Review

  • (Female) Movie Mom

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    This is not “action violence,” with super-effective weapons on our side and endless just-misses from the enemy, along with exciting explosions and instant death. This is messy, dirty, blood-gushing and agonizing wartime violence. Berg pays tribute to these men by showing us that their courage, dedication, and skill were unparalleled and the tragic stupidity of war presented them with a series of awful choices and unthinkable danger.

    Read more: http://www.beliefnet.com/columnists/moviemom/2014/01/lone-survivor.html#ixzz2pyMkHDVf... See Full Review

  • (Male) Catholic News Service

    Not ok | Not Worth Your Time

    Writer-director Peter Berg ("Friday Night Lights") stages the action with intermittent aplomb. Those primed for a gritty war flick won't be deterred by the visceral mayhem. But since the approach is about as subtle as a stun grenade, the viewer is put into a state of distress that squashes the suspense and tamps down sympathy and admiration... See Full Review

  • (Male) Movie Nation

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    “Lone Survivor” — yeah, the title gives too much away — contains some of the most brutally vivid combat footage ever filmed. The characters are only superficially sketched in, but we still fear for them, understand their code and above all else, appreciate the dirty, bloody, high-risk work these professionals do. That they go through all this and risk everything, by choice, is something Berg, to his credit, never lets us forget... See Full Review

  • MovieGuide.org

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    LONE SURVIVOR is expertly made and incredibly gripping. Mark Wahlberg as real life survivor Marcus Luttrell does a great job. The patriotism, courage, sacrifice, and perseverance the men show inspires a deep sense of admiration. The movie’s strong moral worldview includes references to God and Jesus. A soldier says God is looking out for them, and the men sing part of “Silent Night.” That said, LONE SURVIVOR contains many “f” words, and the war violence is blunt and sometimes gruesome; so, extreme caution is advised... See Full Review

Okfor ages12+