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Vampire Academy

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Teenager Rose Hathaway (Zoey Deutch) is a Dhampir -- a human/vampire hybrid. Her best friend is Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry), a princess of the Moroi -- mortal, peaceful vampires. Both teens attend St. Vladamir's Academy, a secret haven for those like them. Rose trains with a handsome mentor (Danila Kozlovsky) to guarantee her place as Lissa's guardian -- although she may have to sacrifice everything to protect Lissa from enemies both within St. Vladamir's walls and outside them.

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    ages 13+ | Not Worth Your Time

    The movie version of this first book has added a hokey first-person narration from Rose to drive the plot. The movie’s narration is much lighter than the original book’s first-person narration, so it defeats the book’s seemingly more serious tone, which reads more believable. Even without the hokey tone, however, the story’s occult mythology doesn’t make much sense. In fact, it seems rather silly. Traditional vampire mythology is given a contemporary spin that’s hard to explain or understand. Also, the addition of magic or sorcery to the plot makes things even more confusing and silly... See Full Review


    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    Vampire Academy tries too hard to be both a comedy and a drama with disastrous results. And the end of the film feels more like a commercial break than a conclusion, with a blatant “place sequel here” scene. So while it’s true that some of these vampires might be more sophisticated than your average garden variety bloodsucker, it will take a lot more that a pint of blood to resuscitate this subpar screenplay... See Full Review

  • (Male) Catholic News Service

    Mature 18+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Add half a cup of "Twilight" to a teaspoon or two of "Harry Potter" and, voila, you've got the pallid fantasy adventure "Vampire Academy" (Weinstein).

    Though intended to please an adolescent palate, this unappealing recipe includes both visual and thematic ingredients that make it inappropriate fare for targeted teens.

    Adult moviegoers, on the other hand, will likely be more bored than offended... See Full Review

  • (Male) Movie Nation

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Sexy, PG-13 sassy, flip and funnier than it has a right to be, written by Daniel Waters (“Heathers”) and directed by his brother Mark (“Mean Girls”), “Vampire Academy” still feels slapdash, perhaps under-budgeted — sort of a hit-or-miss, low-risk trial balloon to see if “Twilight Fever” has indeed, faded. We’ll know by sunrise... See Full Review

  • (Male) Entertainment Weekly

    No Maturity Rating | Not Worth Your Time

    The movie is all random cutting remarks, hand-to-hand fight scenes that seem particularly pointless in a film where everyone is supernatural, and a story that barely pretends to matter. If you're not at the bull's-eye center of the target audience, a movie like this one can suck the life out of you... See Full Review

  • (Male)

    ages 13+ | Worth Your Time

    I don't think I was the intended demographic but it was still a half decent popcorn movie. My wife enjoyed it. I would rate it 2.5 on a 4 point scale.

Okfor ages12+