Hannah and Her Sisters Hannah and Her Sisters

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Hannah and Her Sisters

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Three successive family Thanksgiving dinners mark time for Hannah (Mia Farrow), her younger sisters Lee (Barbara Hershey) and Holly (Dianne Wiest) ]and the men in their lives. Lee is having an affair with Hannah's husband, Elliot (Michael Caine), and trying to end her Svengali-like romance with artist Frederick (Max von Sydow). Holly is frustrated by her lack of career fulfillment and her increasing dependence on Hannah's largesse, while being courted by the hypochondriac Mickey (Woody Allen).

Release Date:


Genre: Comedy


Director: Woody Allen

Producer: Robert Greenhut, Charles H. Joffe, Jack Rollins

Cast: Woody Allen, Michael Caine, Carrie Fisher, Barbara Hershey, Julie Kavner, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Daniel Stern, Max von Sydow, Dianne Wiest, J.T. Walsh, Joanna Gleason, John Turturro, Lloyd Nolan, Bobby Short, Mia Farrow, Richard Jenkins, Maureen O'Sullivan

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