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Andre Andre

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Andre is a 1994 feature film starring Tina Majorino about a child's encounter with a seal. The film is an adaptation of the book A Seal Called Andre, which in turn was based on a true story. In 1962 Toni Whitney, a nine-year-old girl, and her Rockport, Maine family adopt an orphaned baby sea lion, naming it Andre. Andre is manageable when he is young but as Andre gets older and starts getting into mischief, he antagonizes some of the local fishermen. Toni forms an inseparable bond with Andre, but their relationship becomes threatened when the fishermen do not want to deal with Andre's antics any longer. The Whitney family is based on the Goodridge family. The film is based on the book A Seal Called Andre (1975), co-written by the seal's owner, Harry Goodridge, which describes the true story of Andre. During the credits, shots from original 16mm films of the real Andre are shown. Andre, who resided in later years at the New England Aquarium in Boston, entertained tourists at Rockport, Maine every summer until his death on July 19, 1986. In the film, Andre is not played by an actual seal, but rather by a sea lion named Torey from Dolphin Encounters in Nassau, Bahamas. Two other sea

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Genre: Drama , Children

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