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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie

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Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie (also known as Power Rangers: The Movie) is a 1995 American superhero action fantasy based on the television series Mighty Morphin Power Rangers on Fox Kids. It featured the characters and actors from the series itself, and used the zords from Ninja Sentai Kakuranger. The film stars the regular television cast of Jason David Frank, Amy Jo Johnson, David Yost, Johnny Yong Bosch, Karan Ashley and Steve Cardenas. The allies and villains are Australian and English actors. It was produced by Saban Entertainment and Toei Company, and released by 20th Century Fox on June 30, 1995. Filming took place in Sydney, Australia, which was used to portray the series' setting of Angel Grove, California. It ultimately grossed $38,187,431 theatrically in the U.S. and $66,433,194 worldwide, making it a financial success. Despite a strong box office performance, the movie received a mixed reaction by critics. The Power Rangers, Adam (Johnny Yong Bosch), Kimberly (Amy Jo Johnson), Billy (David Yost), Aisha (Karan Ashley), Rocky (Steve Cardenas) and Tommy (Jason David Frank) participate with Bulk and Skull in a charity sky dive for Angel Grove in anticipation of

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Genre: Action , Science fiction , Family

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  • (Female)

    ages 8+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Grade: C+ Rating: PG-13, 124 minutes In a Nutshell: Does anyone actually care about the Power Rangers anymore? My 4 sons absolutely loved it…back in the day, but I didn’t think it was even relevant to kids anymore. Seems like just a morphin cash grab to me in more ways than one. Uplifting theme: Friendship, loyalty, teamwork, sacrifice Things I liked: Fans of the Power Rangers will probably enjoy it just for old time’s sake. The characters are pretty well fleshed out with back stories, which pleasantly surprised me. The training sequences were pretty fun. Bryan Cranston is awesome in everything. Did you know he actually voiced some of the characters in the original 1990’s TV show? Cool. Billy Cranston’s character in the movie was actually named after Bryan Cranston. Even cooler. Their outfits have definitely gotten an upgrade. Things I didn’t like: Krispy Kreme gets HUGE product placement. Kind of weird, right? Product placement always kind of annoys me, because it's so manipulative and an obvious cash grab. In this case, it’s a BIG part of the story line. Did you hear that Krispy Kreme is actually changing the name of the company in England, because customers there can’t figure out how to pronounce it correctly? True story. Most of the lead teenagers are super annoying delinquents who are rude, self-absorbed, and whiny. They almost try to out-do each other to see which one of them is least understood and outcast. Even before the five teenagers get their special powers, they’re involved in very dangerous activities. These kids are not great role models. Of course, they finally figure out how to work as a team and sacrifice for each other (not a big spoiler alert), but I didn’t like most of them. On top of that, they all buy into killing Rita within minutes. Rita Repulsa. What a name. Ha ha. Instead of declaring her intentions to conquer the world or the universe, she pretty much just trashes a little town. Ha ha Elizabeth Banks’ accent seemed off, but I appreciate that she was trying to go over-the-top campy like the original TV character did. Some bad editing moments. The original 90’s TV show was super cheesy and knew it. That’s what made it really fun. This movie mixes up the cheese with serious drama, so it often feels disjointed in tone. For an origin story, it’s fairly cliché. There are some really inappropriate jokes. It’s kind of like the directors picked out what special effects they wanted to use and then built a story around it. Funny lines: “Yippee Kayay, Mother Fu….Mother. Mother’s good.” – Blue Ranger (R.J.Cyler) “You five are the Power Rangers!” – Alpha 5 (Bill Hader) “Are we like Iron Man or Spiderman?” – Blue Ranger “My guess is we have 11 years. No, days. Eleven days.” – Alpha 5 “I’m pretty sure I’m a super hero.” – Pink Ranger (Naomi Scott) “Pee in that cup!” – Kimberly Hart’s mom “Jason, did you just slap her?” – Blue Ranger “I did. Weird, right?” – Jason Lee Scott/Red Ranger (Dacre Montgomery) “Sorry, Bumblebee!” – Blue Ranger (Transformer reference) Dumb lines: “Take that!” – Pink Ranger “Bring it on!” – Pink Ranger “We got this!” – Pink Ranger “My family is so normal. Too normal.” – Yellow Ranger (Becky G) Tips for parents: Lots of fighting and destruction. A surprising amount of profanity. There are some subtitles you’ll have to read for little ones. There are several inappropriate jokes that will, hopefully, go over the heads of most kids.


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  • (Male)

    ages 7+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Ok, I understand the campiness, and childishness of the whole thing. They were targeting boys 6 to 12 yrs of age. What I don't understand is how despicably terrible the CG visual affects were. Pretty sure this was made in the mid 90's. I was sorely disappointed in that regard. Whoever was in charge of CG, I hope you didn't put this movie on your resume. Honestly I wouldn't recommend this to anyone under the sun. The plot, the pacing and the visuals were just plain subpar. Watch only if you want to feel you've wasted an hour and a half of your life. This is a terrible 'B' movie. This is definitely a PG for harmless martial arts violence and scary looking monsters.


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  • (Male) Deseret News Critic

    No Maturity Rating |

    Some movies really don't need to be reviewed. And "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie" is a perfect example, as the target-audience isn't going to care in the least what critics have to say. A stretched-out, big-screen television episode, albeit with a bigger budget, "MMPR" is loaded with razzle-dazzle special effects, some of which are surprisingly cheesy. (Though there is an effective, computer-generated climax with heavy-metal monsters battling it out, an interesting combined homage to "Godzilla" and the stop-motion special-effects work of Ray Harryhausen, of "The 7th Voyage of Sinbad" and "Jason and the Argonauts" fame.) But the six kids in the title roles — who are undeniably athletic — can't act. And if there was ever a script, it seems to have been left behind while everyone went on location. The entire film plays like a series of music videos, stealing randomly from dozens of other fantasy pictures, including "The Wizard of Oz," "Jurassic Park," "Alien" — even the genie from Disney's animated "Aladdin" — to name just a few. There is one near-saving grace, however — Paul Freeman. His scenery-chewing villain is great fun, and the veteran actor (best-known as the villain in "Raiders of the Lost Ark") is obviously having a great over-the-top time. All dolled up in purple makeup and a pointy goatee as Ivan Ooze, his goal is to — what else? — rule the Earth. But he spends most of his time cracking wise, with plenty of contemporary entertainment references, as when he bemoans the things he missed while being out of circulation for 6,000 years — "The black plague, the Spanish Inquisition, the "Brady Bunch" reunion!" So those six teeny-boppers from Angel Grove take on their MMPR personas and karate kick together to save the world. Along the way, parents of Angel Grove teens are turned into zombies, the MMPR discover their inner animal selves, and we get to see them sky dive, skate and fly to a distant planet, all set to rockin' and boppin' music. Of course, this is a Hollywood movie, and there are always questionable elements. In addition to the expected violence, the chauvinistic decision to have the boys fully clothed and the girls in tight tops and short shorts seems a bit misguided. Even worse, however, is the scantily clad female version of "The Beastmaster" (Australian actress Gabrielle Fitzpatrick), who shows up when the MMPR visit another planet (she is first introduced in what appears to be a secondhand Obi-Wan Kenobi Halloween outfit). Still, those are things only a concerned parent (or a blooming male adolescent) would notice. The very young children sitting around me had a great time, despite some mildly scary imagery and, of course, the "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"-style violence. The film is rated PG, for the violence and a few mildly vulgar gags.


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