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Not Without My Daughter Not Without My Daughter

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Not Without My Daughter

Not Without My Daughter is a 1991 film depicting the real-life escape of American citizen Betty Mahmoody and her daughter from her husband in Iran. It was filmed in the United States and Israel, and the main characters are played by Sally Field and Alfred Molina. Sheila Rosenthal and Roshan Seth also co-star as Mahtob Mahmoody and Houssein the smuggler, respectively. In 1984, Betty Mahmoody's husband took his wife and daughter to meet his family in Iran. He swore they would be safe. The movie was based on a book with the same title, written by Betty Mahmoody and William Hoffer and based on Betty's version of events. The screenplay was written by David W. Rintels. The film was directed by Brian Gilbert and filmed at GG Studios, Neve Ilan, Israel and in Atlanta, Georgia. An Iranian-American doctor (Sayed Bozorg "Moody" Mahmoody) travels from the United States to Iran with his U.S.-born wife (Betty) and daughter (Mahtob) to visit his family. Once there, Moody decides he wants to stay in Iran, believing it would be a better place for the family. Betty disagrees and tries to leave with her daughter, although Moody is determined not to let that happen. Over time, Moody becomes

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Genre: Drama

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