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The Peacemaker

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The Peacemaker is a 1997 American action/thriller film starring George Clooney and Nicole Kidman and directed by Mimi Leder. It is also notable as being the first film released by DreamWorks. While the story takes place all over the world, it was shot primarily in Macedonia, with some sequences in New York and Philadelphia, and, to a greater extent, in Bratislava and Vienna. The movie begins in an Eastern Orthodox church in Pale, Bosnia and Herzegovina, when an unidentified man (later revealed to be a Bosnian diplomat to the UN) is murdered in the church's narthex after receiving a page to meet someone outside. The scene then immediately shifts to a missile base in Chelyabinsk, Russia, where SS-18 ICBMs are being decommissioned. Ten nuclear warheads are loaded onto a train and sent to a separate site for dismantling. However, a high-ranking Russian general has other plans. Along with a rogue tactical unit, he kills all the soldiers on-board the transport train and then transfers nine of the warheads to another train running on parallel tracks. He then activates the timer on the remaining warhead and shunts the transport away from his train and onto a collision course with a

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Genre: Action , Adventure , Thriller

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  • (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    The peacemaker is a suspenseful action movie. First off I have to say that I almost turned it off in the brining because the first ten minutes are all in Russian and there are no subtitles. It would have been nice to know what the Russians were saying. When we finally got to English the movie took off. It is a bout a terrorist group who still some nuclear warheads. They plan to use them to blow up parts of the UN. George Clooney plays the part of a military personnel that stops this with the help and leader of Nicole Kidman. The end of the movie is suspenseful and has you on edge. He movie is pretty slow moving leading up to it. There are parts in the movie hat are a bit far fetched but over all it was good and worked for the story. I recommend this movie but beware that there is foul language, killing of innocent people and children. For a mature audience.


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  • (Male) Deseret News Critic

    No Maturity Rating |

    At the risk of sounding chauvinistic, maybe women directors do bring more more heart and soul to movies than men. "The Peacemaker," helmed by Mimi Leder, is unquestionably the most heartfelt action picture of the year . . . admittedly not an arena with a lot of competition. After such summertime laugh-at-death thrillers as "Con Air," "Face/Off" and "Air Force One," "The Peacemaker" manages to come up with a novel idea — the hero and heroine actually weep for the deaths of innocent victims. That's right, after a summer of movies that have encouraged audiences to cheer the violence as bad guys are killed one-by-one, or, when innocent victims die, to quickly forget about them as the film callously flits off to the next high-tech, blow-'em-up moment, along comes a movie that not only portrays the pain of death but shows us the grief that follows. Plotwise, "The Peacemaker" offers little more than any most save-the-world-from-terrorists yarns — but at least it has some heart. And from this chair, that would appear to come from Leder. (This is the first big-screen feature for the Emmy-winning director/producer of TV's "ER.") The story has to do with nuclear bombs being stolen from the Russians and smuggled into Bosnia for use by terrorists. Nuclear scientist Nicole Kidman and maverick intelligence officer George Clooney team up to stop the bad guys, and Leder keeps the film moving at a breathless pace. The script, by Michael Schiffer ("Crimson Tide," "Colors"), does have some wit, and certainly the dialogue exchanges between intellectual Kidman and macho Clooney manage to avoid the usual cliches. (Anyone remember Demi Moore demonstrating that her character is as tough as a man in "G.I. Jane" by virtue of her foul-language vocabulary?) It's also nice to see Kidman's character carefully adjusting to her new decision-making role and feeling a bit overwhelmed when one of those decisions is responsible for the loss of human life. And it's refreshing to see Clooney's gung-ho, combat-experienced military chief question her on a point but then respectfully follow her orders. Both characters seem more like real people than most movie stereotypes, men and women with different personalities thrown together in a work situation who don't need to feel the need to challenge each other on every point or hop into bed together. Kidman is terrific in a role quite different from what she's done before, and Clooney validates his fans' faith in his abilities as an "ironic hero," after stumbling with "Batman & Robin." Of course, "The Peacemaker's" real selling point is action, and Leder proves herself a crackerjack action director, with some seriously intense set-pieces — a train wreck that opens the film, a horrifying nuclear blast, a car chase in a crowded plaza, a foot chase through the streets of New York and, best of all, a nail-biting standoff on a bridge between a truck armed with nuclear weapons and military helicopters. This, by the way, is the first film from the new DreamWorks studio, which was built by Steven Spielberg, Jeffrey Katzenberg and David Geffen. And it should provide them with a solid box-office winner as the studio's kickoff effort. "The Peacemaker" is rated R for violence and profanity, though it could have easily earned a PG-13 by toning it down a notch with just a small bit of editing.


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