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Toy Story 2

ages 4+ | 100 % Say It's Worth Your Time

Woody (Tom Hanks) is stolen from his home by toy dealer Al McWhiggin (Wayne Knight) ], leaving Buzz Lightyear (Tim Allen) and the rest of the gang to try to rescue him. But when Woody discovers that he's actually a valuable collectible from a once-popular television show called "Woody's Roundup" and is reunited with his horse Bullseye, Jessie the yodeling cowgirl (Joan Cusack) and his faithful sidekick, Stinky Pete the Prospector (Kelsey Grammer), he doesn't want to leave.

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Genre: Adventure , Comedy , Fantasy , Animated

Writer: , , , , , ,

Director: John Lasseter, Lee Unkrich, Ash Brannon

Producer: Karen Robert Jackson, Sarah McArthur, Helene Plotkin

Cast: Tim Allen, Jodi Benson, Kelsey Grammer, John Ratzenberger, Annie Potts, Don Rickles, Jim Varney, Joan Cusack, Laurie Metcalf, Tom Hanks, Wallace Shawn, Wayne Knight, R. Ermey, Estelle Harris, Jonathan Harris, John Morris, Joe Ranft, Andrew Stanton, Jeff Pidgeon

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    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Just when Woody is starting to feel like Andy doesn’t want him around, he winds up being stolen by a toy collector that wants to send him away to a museum for safe keeping. Will Woody stay loyal to Andy and find his way back home or will he decide to spend of the rest of his toy existence behind glass?... See Full Review

  • (Male)

    ages 3+ | Worth Your Time

    Another well done Disney - Pixar collaboration. It almost equals Toy Story for its originality, fun, and level of enjoyment. There is nothing in this film that I would find offensive or scary for little ones. I think it is family friendly for all.

  • (Male) Deseret News Critic

    ages 3+ | Worth Your Time

    Equal to or greater than the first one. This is how a sequel should be done. Same characters, new challenges, still humorous, still fun. Highly recommend it.

  • (Male)

    ages 3+ | Worth Your Time

    So good! Love all the Toy Story movies. I loved seeing Buzz and Woody solidify their best friend relationship in this one.

  • (Male)

    ages 7+ | Worth Your Time

    I enjoyed this film greatly. Animation is much improved over the first. I like the the progression of thought in Woody over whether or not he should stick with Andy knowing full well he will eventually end up in the garbage. It is a message of sticking with your family, loving them, despite the constant change and potential consequences. This is a Pixar must-see.

Okfor ages12+