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Little Giants

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Ever since childhood, nerdy Danny O'Shea (Rick Moranis) has felt inferior to his brother, Kevin (Ed O'Neill), a former college football star. Danny runs a gas station, while Kevin coaches the local youth football team. When Kevin's team rejects Danny's daughter, Becky (Shawna Waldron), because she's a girl, Becky convinces her dad to start a rival team, though the city can support only one. To prove himself against his brother, Danny begins coaching his team of misfits for a playoff game.

Release Date:


Genre: Comedy

Writer: , , ,

Director: Duwayne Dunham

Producer: Arne Schmidt

Cast: Brian Haley, Ed O'Neill, Mary Ellen Trainor, Susanna Thompson, Devon Sawa, Matthew McCurley, Shawna Waldron, Sam Horrigan, Todd Bosley, Marcus Toji, John Madden, Troy Simmons, Eddie Derham, Danny Pritchett, Joe Paul Steuer, Christopher Walberg, Michael Zwiener

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