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Photographer Adam Stanheight (Leigh Whannell) ]and oncologist Lawrence Gordon (Cary Elwes) regain consciousness while chained to pipes at either end of a filthy bathroom. As the two men realize they've been trapped by a sadistic serial killer nicknamed "Jigsaw" and must complete his perverse puzzle to live, flashbacks relate the fates of his previous victims. Meanwhile, Dr. Gordon's wife (Monica Potter) and young daughter (Makenzie Vega) are forced to watch his torture via closed-circuit video.

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Genre: Horror , Thriller

Writer: ,

Director: James Wan

Producer: Mark Burg, Oren Koules, Gregg Hoffman, Lark Bernini

Cast: Danny Glover, Shawnee Smith, Tobin Bell, Dina Meyer, Monica Potter, Ned Bellamy, Makenzie Vega, Michael Emerson, Ken Leung, Benito Martinez, Paul Gutrecht, Leigh Whannell, Mike Butters

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    Not ok | Worth Your Time

    If you can stand some gore this mind boggling thriller is actually pretty good as it plays on people moral decisions and actually makes you think a little about the way you live life


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