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This is the Disney animated tale of the romance between a young American Indian woman named Pocahontas (Irene Bedard) and Capt. John Smith (Mel Gibson), who journeyed to the New World with other settlers to begin fresh lives. Her powerful father, Chief Powhatan, disapproves of their relationship and wants her to marry a native warrior. Meanwhile, Smith's fellow Englishmen hope to rob the Native Americans of their gold. Can Pocahontas' love for Smith save the day?

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  • (Male)

    ages 8+ | Worth Your Time

    Based on legend rather than history, thus unusually violent Disney fare has a spectacular soundtrack and a somewhat shallowly-told message about having compassion even for your enemy. The art and soundtrack are the real powerhouse attractions to this film, and they're inspiring enough to make the whole experience worthwhile.

    If you'd rather get real history, find a book; every film depiction I know of plays fast and loose with the facts. Personally, I recommend "Savage Kingdom" by Benjamin Woolley, as it covers Jamestown generally to give context to the whole affair.

  • (Female) ParentPreviews.com

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    Don't watch Pocahontas expecting a biography. Instead, enjoy this visually beautiful movie and its Academy Award winning soundtrack... for the messages it teaches: Respecting those who are different, seeking to solve conflict through non-violent means, and realizing the power for good one person can have when they are brave enough to stand up for their convictions... Read full review here

Okfor ages12+