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We Are Marshall

ages 9+ | 67 % Say It's Worth Your Time

In 1970, Marshall University and the small town of Huntington, W.Va., reel when a plane crash claims the lives of 75 of the school's football players, staff members and boosters. New coach Jack Lengyel (Matthew McConaughey) arrives on the scene in March 1971, determined to rebuild Marshall's Thundering Herd and heal a grieving community in the process.

Release Date:


Genre: Documentary , Drama


Director: McG

Producer: McG , Basil Iwanyk, William Fay, Brent O'Connor, Thomas Tull, Scott Mednick, Jeanne Allgood

Cast: Brett Rice, David Strathairn, Matthew McConaughey, Matthew Fox, Robert Patrick, Ian McShane, Buddy Dolan, Brian Geraghty, January Jones, Arlen Escarpeta, Laura-Shay Griffin, Kate Mara, Kimberly Williams, Mark Oliver, Anthony Mackie, Ron Smith, Brian Beegle

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    ages 8+ | Worth Your Time

    This isn't my favorite football movie but it is a worthwhile watch. Matthew McConaughey does a good job at playing the role of a quirky coach who knows just what it takes to motivate people and open up doors for great opportunities. The show is somewhat of an emotional roller coaster because it is sad at times but also has its happy moments. Matthew Fox does a good job as the assistant coach who is too hard on himself for a tragedy that happened before McConaughey's character becomes head football coach. You can watch it as a family or by yourself and you'll feel good about it.


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