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Independence Day

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In the epic adventure film "Independence Day," strange phenomena surface around the globe. The skies ignite. Terror races through the world's major cities. As these extraordinary events unfold, it becomes increasingly clear that a force of incredible magnitude has arrived; its mission: total annihilation over the Fourth of July weekend. The last hope to stop the destruction is an unlikely group of people united by fate and unimaginable circumstances.

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Genre: Science fiction

Writer: ,

Director: Roland Emmerich

Producer: Roland Emmerich, Dean Devlin, Peter Winther, Ute Emmerich, William Fay

Cast: Jeff Goldblum, Judd Hirsch, Randy Quaid, Will Smith, Brent Spiner, Adam Baldwin, Bill Pullman, Bill Smitrovich, Harvey Fierstein, James Rebhorn, Mary McDonnell, Robert Loggia, Vivica Fox, Kiersten Warren, Lisa Jakub, Harry Connick Jr., Margaret Colin, Mae Whitman, James Duval, Ross Bagley

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Rated PG-13 Violence|Sci-Fi Destruction

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