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The Dark Knight

ages 14+ | 90% Say It's Worth Your Time

With the help of allies Lt. Jim Gordon (Gary Oldman) and DA Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), Batman (Christian Bale) has been able to keep a tight lid on crime in Gotham City. But when a vile young criminal calling himself the Joker (Heath Ledger) suddenly throws the town into chaos, the caped Crusader begins to tread a fine line between heroism and vigilantism.

Runtime: 2 hr 32 min

Genre: Action , Adventure , Thriller

Director: Christopher Nolan

Producer: Christopher Nolan, Charles Roven, Benjamin Melniker, Emma Thomas, Michael Uslan, Michael E. Uslan, Kevin De La Noy, Thomas Tull

Cast: Michael Caine, Keith Szarabajka, Christian Bale, Eric Roberts, Gary Oldman, Morgan Freeman, Nestor Carbonell, Heath Ledger, Aaron Eckhart, Anthony Hall, Chin Han, Melinda McGraw, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Ron Dean, Joshua Harto, Cillian Murphy, Monique Curnen, Ritchie Coster, Colin McFarlane, Nathan Gamble

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Rated PG-13 Some Menace|Intense Sequences of Violence

  • 2 of 10 Sex & Nudity
  • 7 of 10 Violence & Gore
  • 3 of 10 Profanity

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  • bobyj46 (Male)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    Go and see this movie right now. Spectacular performance from Heath Ledger. Gripping, Intense, and fabulous. This film is very dark, but if you are into Intense action and thrilling ends, this is one of the best shows you can see.

    March 29th, 2013 · Details
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  • linkyarmer (Male)

    No Maturity Rating | Worth Your Time

    It's no coincidence that this film is titled The Dark Knight, as this film explores a much darker Gotham City, one that is being held captive by a menacing and enigmatic psychopath, the Joker. His goal in the film appears to be to break people until they are a shell of their former self and become a dark version of themselves. The Joker truly just wants to watch the world burn, and burn it does.

    Bruce Wayne also faces off with Harvey Dent, as he tries to reclaim his rightful place alongside his lost love Rachel Dawes.

    The Joker's performance in this film is revered by many to be the best part of this film, but I find that without Batman to counter the Joker, his performance would have been seen as way too over the top. Batman's darkness thrusts him into doing good for his city, just as the Jokers darkness motivates him to do what he does; create chaos, steal people's hope and break their spirit.

    Harvey Dent is badly injured and disfigured by a chemical explosion, but Two-Face is truly created by The Joker. Two-Face doesn't get enough screen time or a big enough role in this film, as it's apparent he's not meant to be the main villain, but merely a distraction so the Joker can keep up with his own plans for destruction.

    This film delivers in a big way with a hero you can believe in and a villain you can truly not figure out, but is so devious that he's as fun to watch as the Batman is. You may even find yourself rooting for the Joker at times.

    The film is not nearly as slow as Batman Begins and has much more violence than it. The Joker and Two-Face's appearance on-screen may be a bit haunting for younger kids, I'd say 13 and up should be fine with it.

    August 17th, 2013 · Details
  • MormonMovieCritic (Female)

    Mature 17+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Honestly, I couldn't get past the opening scene of this movie. It was so violent and so disturbing, I had to walk out. I don't care if it is Heath Ledger's amazing final performance. Violence is violence and filth is filth.

    August 9th, 2013 · Details
  • Bob (Male)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    Great show if you like Batman, but be prepared for a dark film with some senseless killing and disturbing violence.

    This is not a kids movie.

    It really shows the insanity factor of the Joker as a villain. As previously stated, be prepared for a dark movie.

    July 31st, 2012 · Details
  • ventor (Male)

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    From its beginning to end, this movie is an absolute master piece of cinematography and story telling. Ledger as the Joker essentially steals the show. Despite this, I was drawn back to the Batman and his self sacrifice in the end. The message of what he stands for resonates on a deeply Christian level.
    This is a Low R in my opinion for disturbing implied violence and some rough language. This is not for anyone under the age of 14.

    September 3rd, 2011 · Details
  • bendywhatler

    ages 16+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Honestly, I couldn't get past the opening scene of this movie. It was so violent and so disturbing, I had to walk out. I don't care if it is Heath Ledger's amazing final performance. Violence is violence and filth is filth.

    August 18th, 2011 · Details
  • andea27050

    ages 15+ | Worth Your Time

    The story, the acting, the effects and the whole cinematic feel of the movie is like no other. It might be a bit dark for some people and it's certainly not meant for kids. But otherwise excellent movie!

    August 17th, 2011 · Details
  • jdecker26

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    Just for Heath Ledger's performance alone it's worth a watch. His portrayal of the Joker really made this movie, in my opinion.

    August 7th, 2011 · Details
  • acsclarke (Female)

    ages 16+ | Not Worth Your Time

    Way too dark and disturbing for most people.

    July 19th, 2011 · Details
  • gkpeterson0

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    Good, but not as great as everyone raved. Fairly dark and sordid.

    May 21st, 2011 · Details
  • paulbert (Male)

    ages 14+ | Worth Your Time

    This is a very good movie, especially considering it is a batman movie. I enjoyed watching it once, but probably won't see it again due to its length.

    April 12th, 2011 · Details
  • Rob (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Incredible acting. However this is a VERY dark movie. I recommend looking at the KIM scene descriptions before allowing your children to watch it.

    March 2nd, 2011 · Details
  • Ken (Male)

    ages 16+ | Worth Your Time

    Well-done movie with a performance by Heath Ledger that will forever cement him as the PERFECT Joker. It is safe to say that no one will ever play the role better. The rest of the movie is rather routine - it is Ledger's performance that makes the film. Very dark, very disturbing, very much only for an adult maturity level.

    February 15th, 2011 · Details
  • JeffVice (Male) Deseret News Critic

    No Maturity Rating |

    As its title suggests, "The Dark Knight" really is dark. It's dark as night, as a matter of fact ...
    To be honest, there's even some question as to the age-appropriateness of this superhero movie, which is an even-more-disturbing follow-up to the 2004 hit "Batman Begins."
    Like the earlier movie, this is pretty violent stuff, and there's material that may give young ones nightmares — especially those who are younger than 10.
    However, those who are made of sterner stuff or are more mature will find the movie thrilling and surprisingly heady. It's as much a morality thriller and a gangster epic as it is a comic book action/adventure.
    So, it turns out those early comparisons to "The Godfather II" weren't nearly as ridiculous as they once sounded. They're warranted, and that's a huge compliment.
    This time around, Batman (Christian Bale) must face off with the Joker (Heath Ledger), a scarred and disturbed criminal who's first seen in the film robbing a bank that's mostly filled with mobster loot. (That opening bit was one of six sequences that were filmed in the IMAX format, and is best viewed that way.)
    He also sees the Caped Crusader as his equal and begins playing a series of murderous games in attempt to get his attention.
    To deal with this new threat, the masked vigilante needs help. And he's not sure if he can really trust Gotham's new district attorney, Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart), who's trying to use legal methods to deal with the city's rampant crime.
    Harvey is also the romantic rival of Batman's alter-ego, Bruce Wayne. He's now dating Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal), Bruce's childhood sweetheart.
    Co-screenwriter/director Christopher Nolan has taken a lot of chances here. One of them is the film's 2 1/2-hour running time, which seems a little long on the surface. And he's added new characters to an ensemble that was already large.
    But most, if not all, of those risks have paid off. The performances are terrific and this feels different, more substantive, than any superhero movie that's come before it.
    And besides, the whole thing would be worthwhile if for nothing else than the late Ledger's brilliant and creepy performance as the unhinged, deranged villain. Hopefully, his achievement will be remembered when film-award season comes around. His loss to cinema will be felt for years.
    "The Dark Knight" is rated PG-13 for strong scenes of violent action (shootings and gunplay, brawling, knife violence, fisticuffs, explosive and vehicular mayhem, and violence against animals and women), sequences depicting torture and interrogation, drug content (various toxins, poisons and the like), scattered profanity, some brief gore, derogatory slurs and language, and some crude slang. Running time: 152 minutes.

    July 18th, 2008 · Details

Okfor ages12+