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Planet of the Apes Planet of the Apes

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Planet of the Apes

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Complex sociological themes run through this science-fiction classic about three astronauts marooned on a futuristic planet where apes rule and humans are slaves. The stunned trio discovers that these highly intellectual simians can both walk upright and talk. They have even established a class system and a political structure. The astronauts suddenly find themselves part of a devalued species, trapped and imprisoned by the apes.

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Genre: Adventure , Science fiction

Writer: , ,

Director: Franklin Schaffner

Producer: Mort Abrahams, Arthur P. Jacobs

Cast: Charlton Heston, James Whitmore, Roddy McDowall, Kim Hunter, Maurice Evans, Linda Harrison, James Daly

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    ages 8+ | Worth Your Time

    I watched the TV series as a kid, and when I first moved to Utah had a ton of free time and rented a ton of movies. This was one of them, and I thought it would be a fun brainless return to my childhood. NOPE! These apes had some dang good makeup, not the full rubber masks that the TV series made popular, these looked good. And the story wasn't just some Saturday morning rehash where they chase humans and fight, it actually made you think! I was thoroughly surprised at how good it was! I was sad that Tim Burton's version with Marky Mark was not as good even with the modern technology, just the fact that humans talk ruined the whole theological debate of this first one.


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