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I Love You Phillip Morris I Love You Phillip Morris

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I Love You Phillip Morris

>Mature 17+ | 25 % Say It's Worth Your Time

Steven Russell (Jim Carrey) becomes a cop, gets married and starts a family, but after a terrible car accident, he vows to be true to himself. He comes out of the closet, moves to Florida, and finances a luxurious lifestyle with bad checks and credit cards. In prison, Steven meets Phillip (Ewan McGregor), a mild-mannered inmate who becomes the love of his life. Determined to build a beautiful life with his lover, Steven embarks on another crime spree.

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Genre: Drama , Romantic comedy

Director: Glenn Ficarra, John Requa

Producer: Luc Besson, Andrew Lazar, Far Shariat

Cast: Ewan McGregor, Leslie Mann, Jim Carrey, Rodrigo Santoro, Michael Mandel

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    Mature 17+ | Worth Your Time

    Based real events. Really it is. And so begins one of the year's best drama/comedy/romances with the most deliriously grounded role Jim Carrey has had in years. Carrey is such an underrated actor when it comes to drama, and this one is no exception. As far-fetched as the (true) story is, it is always believable and is very well-written to be that way. Ewan McGregor has never been more charming (in a performance that matches Carrey's in talent) as Carrey's love interest and biggest obsession. Is this movie only for a gay audience? I would hesitate to say yes. You'd be missing out on some pitch-perfect performances and the wittiest dark humor and drama in years. Definitely give this one a chance...


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