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The Prince of Egypt

What is it: "The Prince of Egypt" is the story of Moses brought to life through animation and music. The movie focuses on Moses leading the Hebrews to freedom and the relationship between Moses and Ramses.

Why I should watch it: Such a powerful story is only intensified with the incredible music of Hans Zimmer. "The Prince of Egypt" does an excellent job of trying to be true to the story and the many religions that hold it sacred.

What's in it: "The Prince of Egypt" is rated PG for intense depiction of thematic elements. There are a few scenes that might be difficult for young kids to understand, such as the Pharaoh's order to kill the Hebrew infants or the plagues of Egypt, but the movie depicts these scenes in a sensitive way.

Fun tidbit: The voice of God, to avoid controversy, was played by all the major actors. The actors were told to whisper the lines, so none would dominate the performance, but by the time they got around to having Val Kilmer read his lines, they realized they needed someone to be louder. You still can hear the rest of the cast whispering beneath Kilmer's voice in God's lines.

What reviewers say: "Watched this again a couple of Sunday's ago and I was blown away by how good it was! The music is phenomenal! Hans Zimmer's score is epic, yet reverent. And the sing songy parts are really the highlights of the movie, a couple I'm sure many would recognize. It really does do a great job of telling the story of Moses(Mostly), and I really appreciate how they managed to bring in a good, inspirational feeling to IT also. I highly recommend to Musical fans, or anyone who's looking for an inspirational story. This has always been one of my favorite cartoons, but I had forgotten how good it really was." -hotsoup

Where can I find it: "The Prince of Egypt" is available on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

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