OK.com Pick of the day for Oct 13, 2017 'Radio'

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What is it: In a racially divided town, coach Jones (Ed Harris) spots a mentally disabled African-American student named Radio (Cuba Gooding Jr.) near his practice field and is inspired to befriend him. Soon, Radio is Jones' loyal assistant, and principal Daniels (Alfre Woodard) happily notes that Radio's self-confidence is skyrocketing. But things start to sour when Jones begins taking guff from fans who feel that his devotion to Radio is getting in the way of the team's quest for a championship.

Why I should watch it: While "Radio" might not be as exciting or action-packed as other football dramas, it packs a punch when it comes to emotion. This heart-wrenching tale is about more than just football. It is about the difference one person can make in the life of another.

What's in it: "Radio" is rated PG for mild language and thematic elements. There are scenes in which Radio is bullied or become frightened that might be too much for younger viewers, and the movie contained a fair amount of mild profanity.

Fun tidbit: Because the relationship between Radio and the town is ongoing (even up until the present day), the screenwriter choose to compress the highlights of the relationship to a one-year period.

What reviewers say: "Is the show good? Yes. Is it as entertaining as other football movies? No. It's got a great message and Cuba Gooding Jr. does an incredible job acting. But this is a slow movie that hits on the emotions rather than the entertainment of football." -Bob

Where can I find it: "Radio" is available on Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes.

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