“A Mom” - A Touching Short Story on Perspective

Incredible Asian commercial reminds of us of priorities

“My Shoes” a Touching Short Story

A simple short story with a good life lesson

Son of Fallen Deputy Tries to Buy His Dad's Squad Car

Incredible story of kindness — see what happens

A Touching Tale of Two Lemonade Stands

A fun little story of losing and then once again finding perspective

This Bride Thought Her First Dance was Ruined. But, Guess What?

Wait till you see what this bride does when her husband surprises her with her favorite country artist during their first dance

A Football Team’s Kind Gesture to One of Their Cheerleaders

The players on this football team seem to understand what matters

A Tale of Kindness — Would You Do This?

Great story on paying it forward

A Modern Story of True Sportsmanship

It is the way the game is supposed to be played. So why is such a big deal?

She Sings For Her Dying Dad...

Teen, Evie Clair, performs moving song on America's Got Talent for father who was battling cancer

A Simple Act of Caring Creates an Endless Ripple

Life provides numerous opportunities to “pay it forward”

"My dad's story" - A Touching Short Story from Commercial in Hong Kong

This short story from MetLife shows the dream of every parent to give their children more than they have

Can You Give a Little Love? This Video May Change Your Life

Simple message in this video about all the opportunities to give a little love

Too Quick To Judge (Touching Short-Film)

Great life lessons from this simple short film

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