What Happened to Movie Reviews

What Happened to the Previous Version of OK.com? (Movie Reviews, etc.)


Our company launched the original version of OK.com a number of years ago, primarily focusing on movie ratings, movie reviews, and showtimes. That iteration of Ok.com served a great purpose in helping people make smart media decisions.

Over the course of time, we have realized that a good portion of media consumption now takes place directly on social media, with great services like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc., and that there is a vast amount of entertainment and media content on those services. The range of content on those services includes everything from negative, poor quality content to wonderful and inspiring content that is highly entertaining.

Given the potential of the simple and easy to remember domain of OK.com, we have now shifted to a broader focus: We are no longer just providing ratings and reviews of movie entertainment content; but now we will be gathering some of the most wonderful and inspiring content from across all the web and social media that is good for everyone and making it easy to find in one place on OK.com. Our goal is to help people find “just the good stuff.” In the future, we will be re-introducing ratings, reviews, etc. of the content that we gather and curate, as well as a variety of other forms of media and entertainment. Please be patient with us as we look to add a new version of a review and ratings feature in the future.

Help Us Out

We are always on the lookout for great content that makes people laugh, provides inspiration, shows how to do something interesting, showcases amazing talent, or is just plain fun -- but most of all, content that is entertaining and shareable for everyone. So, if you have something you’d like us to consider, please send it our way.

Please email suggestions and/or feedback to OK.justgood@gmail.com